OLAF Instructions to staff on data protection for investigative activities

In April 2013, the OLAF Director General adopted the "Instructions to staff on data protection for investigative activities pdf - 117 KB [117 KB] (ISDP)". 

These instructions specify data protection requirements applicable to all OLAF staff handling investigative activities. They focus in particular on describing all actions which must be taken by investigative staff in order to comply with those requirements during all stages of OLAF investigations and coordination cases, and related activities. The ISDP replaced the "Guidelines for OLAF staff regarding practical implementation of data protection requirements" adopted in October 2010.  The ISDP are to be used in conjunction with the OLAF standard workforms available in the CMS, which contain the appropriate data protection clauses.

OLAF has also adopted guidelines for Forensic computer examinations and for CCTV, following recommendations from the EDPS.


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