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Since OLAF was established as an independent body, a decision was taken that it should appoint its own Data Protection Officer, who would help OLAF to implement the requirements of Regulation 45/2001. OLAF's current DPO is Laraine Laudati, who was first appointed by decision pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] of Franz-Hermann Bruener in March 2006 for a five year term. That term was extended until March 2016 by decision pdf - 67 KB [67 KB] of Mr. Giovanni Kessler.

The tasks of the DPO are set forth in Articles 24-26 and the Annex of the Data Protection Regulation. Those tasks have been described in further detail by:

You may consult the DPO on any matter relating to data protection, including the interpretation or application of Regulation 45/2001, at any time. You will receive a timely written reply.

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    OLAF DATA Protection Officer
    European Anti Fraud Office
    European Commission
    Rue Joseph II, 30
    1000 Bruxelles
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