Anti-Corruption Prosecutors from all over Europe meeting in Austria

OLAF /09/13 Brussels, 8 October 2009

Almost one hundred anti-fraud prosecutors from all over the EU are gathering today in Laxenburg near Vienna in order to discuss best practices in the fight against corruption. The two-day conference is organised by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) in co-operation with the Austrian Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior.

"One key to the success of OLAF’s work is the awareness amongst national public prosecutors of OLAF’s role and competences", Franz-Hermann Brüner, Director-General of the European Anti-Fraud Office, explained. "Therefore, in terms of the fight against fraud and corruption, it is very important that a permanent exchange on best practices and mutual expectations takes place between OLAF and members of the national judicial bodies", he added.

The 7th OLAF Conference for Prosecutors from all over the EU is taking place on 8 and 9 October in Laxenburg near Vienna. OLAF organises such a conference once a year, as  close co-operation with and between public prosecutors in the Member States is an important factor for OLAF’s operational effectiveness. For the national judiciary, input from OLAF can make a significant difference in the fight against fraud and corruption affecting the financial interests of the EU.

The conference will cover a wide range of legal and operational issues which need to be addressed in order to fight corruption even more successfully on a national and international level. Among other topics, participants will discuss the planned creation of an International Anti-Corruption Academy that is currently being prepared jointly by Interpol and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), with the support of other strategic partners and of Austria as the future host country.

OLAF Director-General, Brüner, concluded with some specific remarks on Austria: "With the creation of a specialised public prosecutors' office for anti-corruption (Zentrale Staatsanwaltschaft zur Bekämpfung von Korruption), Austria is giving a good example of how the judiciary can tackle this kind of crime. As far as criminal investigations are concerned, the future federal office for the fight against corruption (Bundesamt für Korruptionsbekämpfung und Kor­rup­tions­prävention) is also a promising project. OLAF is already co-operating very closely with the Federal Bureau for Internal Affairs (BIA)."

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