OLAF /08/14 Brussels, 21 November 2008

The administrative inquiry by the Commission's Investigatory and Disciplinary Office (IDOC) into the selection procedure of two OLAF directors in 2006 has drawn to a close. Whilst some administrative shortcomings were identified, no grounds for disciplinary action were found.

In November 2007 the Director General of OLAF, Franz-Hermann Brüner, requested the European Commission to mandate its Investigatory and Disciplinary Office (IDOC) to carry out an administrative inquiry into allegations concerning the selection procedure of two OLAF directors in 2006 (see : Press Release OLAF/07/13). End of October 2008, Mr Bruener received a copy of the IDOC report. Whilst some administrative shortcomings were identified, the inquiry did not find any grounds for disciplinary action.

After analysing the IDOC report in depth, Mr Brüner declared: 'I never had any doubts as to the propriety of the recruitment procedure which led to the appointment of two of my senior managers and this has been confirmed by the IDOC investigation. All the issues which initially arose were resolved by starting the procedure afresh in 2007'. Mr Brüner adds: 'Even though I do not agree with all the findings of the IDOC investigators, I take note that the inquiry led to the conclusion that there is no need for disciplinary action. The inquiry confirms the administrative shortcomings in our management that I had already identified. We have already started to put into place the necessary changes in OLAF's internal organisation which will help to reduce the risk of similar situations arising again.'

See: Press Release OLAF/07/13

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