OLAF /06/09 Brussels, 22 June 2006

The European Anti-fraud Office (OLAF) has just presented its report on the investigation into the implementation of the Burundi Rehabilitation Programme to the highest authorities in Burundi. The report was handed over in the course of a mission by OLAF to Bujumbura that ended today.

Following audits, an OLAF external investigation revealed that fraudulent acts liable to prosecution in the criminal courts in Burundi had been committed in the implementation of the Burundi Rehabilitation Programme (PREBU). OLAF is empowered to undertake investigations into Community resources both in the European Union and elsewhere.

The mission, led by Franz-Hermann BRÜNER, Director-General of OLAF, paid visits to the Chef de Cabinet to the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor-General of the Republic, the Minister of Finance and His Excellency Mr Pierre NKURUNZIZA, President of the Republic of Burundi. The Director-General of OLAF also had talks with the President of the Burundi Court of Auditors. The mission took place in a positive atmosphere of mutual understanding and total cooperation.

An extensive range of economic and social infrastructures have been rehabilitated throughout the country under the Burundi Rehabilitation Programme (PREBU), which expired on 31 December 2005. It has helped to improve living conditions and gradually restore peace. But the existence of fraud means that the impact of the financial assistance was not as great as it might have been and that certain individual interests have been pursued to the detriment of the general interest.

The Burundi authorities, OLAF and the European Commission have confirmed their commitment to working together to resolutely combat fraud and corruption. The Burundi authorities have also stated their determination to bring to light all the facts to which the investigation has pointed and undertaken to keep OLAF and the European Commission informed of the follow-up action they will be taking in this important matter.

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