OLAF /05/13 Brussels, the 15 September 2005

To facilitate potential informants, the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) intends to set up a web-based system to allow for anonymous electronic dialogue. The system will enable individuals to come forward with information about fraud or corruption without fear of revelation of their identity. This new multilingual information gathering system and three other IT-projects are the subject of the latest open tender procedures launched by OLAF.

The system envisaged for anonymous web-based communication will allow OLAF to enter into a dialogue with informants who are not willing to reveal their identity. Previous experience with anonymous information has shown that follow up can be difficult if the informant cannot be queried for further details. The use of electronic dialogue may also contribute to a better assessment of the credibility of anonymous information.

In addition to the plans for a new communication system, OLAF is preparing another three projects; the Office is seeking to update its well established FreephoneAll available translations. system (see Press Release OLAF/04/21All available translations.). Furthermore it is planning to install new textmining software to be used as an operative support in OLAF investigations. The fourth project concerns a new system for providing OLAF with both IT and physical security.

The projects will contribute to the continuous development of the investigation and intelligence capabilities of OLAF. They are part of the overall endeavours of OLAF in the fight against fraud, corruption and any other illegal activities detrimental to the Communities' financial interests which received its latest public acknowledgement during a hearingAll available translations. organised by the European Parliament in July.

The time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate is 30 September 2005. Details are available here on the OLAF websiteAll available translations..

Alessandro Butticé
Head of Communication, PR and Spokesman Unit
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