OLAF/05/04 Brussels, the 23 March 2005

Two external experts are taking up their duties in Hungary and the Slovak Republic. They will assist the national Anti-Fraud Coordination Services (AFCOS) in further developing their anti fraud capacity.

As part of its continuous assistance to the new Member States and Candidate Countries in their effort to strengthen national administrative structures, the Commission's Directorate General for Enlargement, together with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), has arranged for external experts to work within the national Anti-Fraud Coordination Service (AFCOS) in certain New Member States and Candidate Countries. AFCOS have been already established in each new Member state and also in Bulgaria and Romania.

Two experts are already working in Romania to assist the Prime Minister's Inspection Department in media relations and in the drafting of a national anti-fraud strategy. Another expert is working in Latvia in the Ministry of Finance to assist in the development of a national anti-fraud policy.

Within the next few days two other external experts will commence work; one with the AFCOS in the Slovak Republic, which is located in the Government Office; and one with the Customs and Financial Guard Office in Hungary. They will assist these services in the further development of an efficient anti-fraud coordination. The experts will remain for 10 months in each country while reporting to DG Enlargement and keeping OLAF informed on progress made.

In addition to these five external experts in four countries, OLAF is providing two of its own agents as permanent assistants to the AFCOS in Romania and Bulgaria. They have taken up their posts in the Commission Delegations in Bucharest and Sofia at the beginning of this month (see OLAF Press Release Nr. 19/2004All available translations.)

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