Press Release OLAF/26/2003, 16 December 2003

The proceedings and documents of the Training Seminar organised by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) in co-operation with the Romanian Authorities designed to prevent fraud in the Candidate countries through an improved information policy has been published on the OLAF website.

The OLAF Anti-Fraud Communicators' Network(OAFCN) recently held a 3-day training course for Anti-Fraud Communicators entitled "Protecting the Communities' Financial Interests: information and Communication as a Means of Prevention of Fraud in the context of EU Enlargement". This training course which was jointly organised by OLAF and the Romanian Government's Control Department took place in Bucharest, Romania. This seminar brought together 40 spokespersons, heads of communication and/or information and public information officers of the various investigation services in the candidate countries with which OLAF works.

In response to a request made by the participants, OLAF is now publishing all the proceedings and documents connected with the SeminarAll available translations. on its website. OLAF is also taking the necessary steps to publish the proceedings of the Seminar

The seminar was formally opened by Mr Ion Iliescu, President of Romania, Mrs Michaele Schreyer, European Commissioner responsible for Budget and Anti-fraud and Mrs Diemut Theato, Chairperson of the Budgetary Control Committee of the European Parliament. The presence of such a high-level group highlighted the importance attached both by the European Institutions as well as the Romanian Authorities to the fight

The seminar was closed by Mr Adrian Nastase, Romanian Prime Minister and Mr Franz-Hermann Brüner, Director-General of OLAF. The textsAll available translations. of the speeches made by the invited guests can

During the course of the seminar consensus was reached by the participants on a number of points. A particular priority for 2003/2004 will be the development of the concept of communication and information as means of prevention of fraud, particularly in the framework of enlargement. In this regard an opinion poll to determine public attitudes to fraud has been undertaken in the Member States and candidate countries. It is hoped that in 2004, based on the results of this opinion poll, OLAF and its national partners can launch a public information campaign on a subject of common interest in

A further training action for journalists and/or communicators in the

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