Press Release OLAF/11/2003, 14 April 2003

OLAF - The European Anti-fraud Office and Eurojust - the European judicial Co-operation Unit have signed a Memorandum of Understanding putting in place the modalities for their future co-operation.

Mr Mike Kennedy, President of the College of Eurojust and Mr F-H Brüner, Director General of OLAF have today, in Brussels, signed a Memorandum of UnderstandingAll available translations. regarding co-operation between Eurojust and OLAF in order to fight fraud, corruption or any other criminal offence or illegal activities affecting the European Community's financial interests.

In order to step up the fight against fraud, corruption and any other illegal activity affecting the financial interests of the European Community, the European Anti-Fraud Office established by Commission Decision 1999/352/EC, ECSC, Euratom exercises the powers of investigation conferred on the Commission by the Community rules and Regulations and agreements in force

The Office provides the Member States with assistance from the Commission in organising close and regular cooperation between their competent authorities in order to coordinate their activities for the purpose of protecting the European Community's financial interests against fraud. The Office contributes to the design and development of methods of fighting fraud and any other illegal activity affecting

The creation of Eurojust in March 2002 had as its goal the reinforcement of judicial co-operation and co-ordination in criminal matters in the European Union. This constituted a significant new measure to strengthen the fight against international criminality. It is important also to note that Eurojust has been given new powers to help and improve the efficiency of investigations and prosecutions carried out by the competent authorities in

Eurojust is also competent with respect to fraud and corruption affecting the financial interests of the European Union, which implies a close and regular co-operation with OLAF. It has therefore been thought useful to set out the modalities for this co-operation in a Memorandum of Understanding, in order to make their common task of protection of the

Negotiations to put in place a general framework for co-operation between

The Memorandum of Understanding foresees the practical arrangements for co-operation and the exchange of information between Eurojust and OLAF. It provides that the two services will inform each other, without delay, of any information that concerns the other. It establishes contact points (notably the Magistrates Unit within OLAF), and sets out to facilitate the participation of the two services in joint investigation teams

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