Closure of an internal investigation in the European Court of Auditors

Press Release OLAF/12/2002, 11 November 2002

In accordance with the provisions of article 9(4) of Regulation (EC) 1073/1999, the European Anti-fraud Office (OLAF) has submitted to the European Court of Auditors its final report on an internal investigation into that Institution. The Office opened this investigation in March 2002, following allegations communicated by a Member of the European Parliament.

OLAF has forwarded to the competent judicial authorities information on matters liable to result in criminal proceedings. These relate only to a former Member of the Court and a former Temporary Agent of that Institution. In this context OLAF has recommended to the European Court of Auditors to open a disciplinary inquiry into these persons and to initiate recovery procedures in respect of the sums in question. With respect to other allegations, notably concerning recruitment, nominations and promotions, OLAF considers that the Court of Auditors has respected the applicable rules and the Office has not established any irregularity.

The Office underlines that it has had access to all necessary information in the possession of the Institution and that the Court of Auditors has fully co-operated with from the onset of the investigation.

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Mr Alessandro Butticé
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