The first inter-institutional exchange of views between the EU Institutions and OLAF took place on 8 April

The first formal exchange of views between the European Commission, the Council, the European Parliament and OLAF took place on Tuesday 8 April. Representatives of the OLAF Supervisory Committee and of the European Court of Auditors also participated in the meeting.
In order to ensure the best possible protection of the EU’s financial interests, the new OLAF Regulation 883/2013 introduced a formal yearly exchange of views at political level, as an opportunity to facilitate closer cooperation and better information exchange on strategic matters between all parties. The inter-institutional dialogue does not however interfere in OLAF's independent investigations.
At the meeting yesterday, participants mainly discussed OLAF's investigative procedures according to the new OLAF Regulation and the investigative policy priorities for 2014. The new working arrangements agreed between OLAF and its Supervisory Committee, as well as progress made on the designation of Anti-Fraud Coordination Services (“AFCOS”) by the Member States were also addressed.
Yesterday was also a first opportunity for the OLAF Director-General to briefly present to the other Institutions the excellent investigative results obtained in 2013, ahead of the publication of the OLAF Report 2013 foreseen for the end of April.

The participating Institutions expressed their interest in OLAF’s work and engaged in a constructive dialogue.

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