Success Stories


  • OAFCN Press Seminar in cooperation with the ZKA, DE (Bonn, 7 May 2014)

    In May 2014, OLAF and the German Customs Investigations Office (Zollkriminalamt, ZKA) organised in the OAFCN framework a half-day seminar for German journalists on "Fighting fraud in Europe". The event, which took place at the EC Representation in Bonn, informed the participating journalists from national and regional media outlets about OLAF's and the ZKA's activities and presented several concrete examples of their good cooperation. The seminar was organised as a background briefing, which means that some parts were not intended for direct publication. However, several presentations were allowed for reporting, and there has been a positive media coverage in the days following the event. Agenda pdf - 108 KB [108 KB]  
  • Premio Giornalistico Internazionale ‘ARGIL: Uomo Europeo’ 2012 pdf - 233 KB [233 KB] - The prize for the section "Communicating Europe" was awarded to G. Pittella (Vice-President of the European Parliament ) and it was dedicated to the memory of F.H. Bruener former OLAF Director General.
  • 21st OAFCN meeting and Open Day 2012
  • OLAF and OAFCN at the European Institutions' Open Day, 7 May 2011 - Photo album  
  •  OLAF and OAFCN at the European Institutions' Open Day, 8 May 2010 - Photo album
  • Alessandro Butticé winner of the Italian award "International Journalism: Press Officer of the Year”. The spokesman of the European Anti-Fraud Office was selected winner of the 2009 prize for "Communicating the European Union".




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