Cooperation forums

OLAF advisory committee – Euro counterfeit experts group (ECEG)

The group of counterfeit experts acts as an advisory committee on the coordination of anti-counterfeiting measures. It brings together experts in various disciplines from EU countries, the European Central Bank, Europol and Interpol. It meets every 3 months.

Counterfeit coin experts group (CCEG)

Managed and chaired by OLAF/ETSC, the CGEC helps coordinate national measures to protect euro coins against counterfeiting. With counterfeit coin experts from all EU countries, the ECB and Europol, its purpose is to implementation the technical arrangements for handling counterfeit euro coins agreed on by national economic ministers.

Inter-institutional steering group

At European level, action to protect the euro banknotes and coins against counterfeiting is taken by the Commission/OLAF, the ECB and Europol, whose roles and responsibilities are complementary. All three are represented on the Steering Group.

Cooperation with the coin-handling industry

OLAF cooperates regularly with the coin-handling industry. It organises frequent ad-hoc meetings on authentication and other issues with manufacturers of coin-sorting and vending machines, commercial banks and cash-in-transit companies.

OLAF also attends meetings of the Euro Cash User Group (ECUG), organised by the Commission and the ECB to inform private-sector users of euro cash about developments concerning euro banknotes and coins, including counterfeits.

Other Groups

In addition, OLAF and the ETSC participate regularly in meetings of the following groups to inform them about OLAF's anti-counterfeiting work:

  • The Mint Directors Working Group (MDWG), which brings together heads of national Mints in EU countries.
  • The international Mint Directors Conference (MDC), comprising participants from official mints throughout the world, as well as industrial observers. Within the MDC’s Technical Committee, OLAF chairs the sub-committee on counterfeit and unfit coins.
  • The Euro Coin Sub-Committee (ECSC) of the Economic and Financial Committee, which brings together representatives from the national coin-issuing authorities in EU countries.
  • The ECB’s Counterfeit Working Group (CWG) concerning counterfeit banknotes. Also, the ETSC continues to contribute to the improvement and testing of the CMS database, which is administered by the ECB.
  • Europol’s Forgery of Money Group. The ETSC highlights issues relating to counterfeit coins and provides assistance for Europol and National Central Offices (NCOs).
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