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Hercule II programme– 2007-13

The EU's Hercule II programme provides funding for action to combat fraud affecting the EU's financial interests, including cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting.

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How much funding?

Hercule II has a budget of € 98,525 million for 2007-2013 to fund general anti-fraud actions (paid through grants or contracts)

Who can apply?

Funding can be awarded to:

  • administrations (national or regional)
  • research and education institutes
  • non-profit bodies

Hercule II covers all current EU countries and upon certain conditions those that will join soon or are official candidate countries.

What can be funded?

  • Legal Part – seminars, comparative studies, dissemination of expertise, annual meetings of presidents.

Legal background

Implementation Reports Hercule II programme

Pericles programme

The Pericles programme provides funding for staff exchanges, technical assistance and training to combat euro counterfeiting

Additional information

If you are looking for information on other funding available from the European Commission please visit the Contracts and Grants websiteAll available translations..

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