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Contact List

Contact List

United Kingdom

The UK government has not appointed a National Rapporteur. However, the role of a National Rapporteur is primarily exercised by the Inter-Departmental Ministerial Group (IDMG). The IDMG is supported in this by the UK Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC); UK Border Agency and the NGO Stakeholder Group.

Contact List

This section offers contact information to coordinating bodies in Member States, responsible for  anti-trafficking initiatives, as well as other government bodies and agencies working in the field of anti-trafficking. It also offers contacts to EU institutions and agencies, international and non-governmental organisations.


National Rapporteur

Non-Discrimination Ombudsman acts as the Finnish National Rapporteur on trafficking in persons. In January 2009 the Finnish government appointed the Ombudsman for Minorities to serve as the National Rapporteur, followed by the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman since 1st January 2015. The National Rapporteur is an independent actor, administratively situated within the Ministry of Justice.

The tasks of the National Rapporteur include:


Governmental Organisations

National Rapporteur
Kajsa Wahlberg
Swedish Police Authority
P.O. 12256, SE- 10226 STOCKHOLM
Telephone: +46 10 563 91 90 (direct)


The Bulgarian government has not established a National Rapporteur. However, the National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings (NCCTHB), established in 2004, de facto fulfills the same function as a national Rapporteur. The NCCTHB is a collective body of the Council of Ministers, chaired by a Deputy Prime Minister and composed of high-level officials from twelve ministries and institutions.

Non-Governmental Organisations outside the EU


Non-governmental organisations outside EU ( EU  Candidate countries, Accession countries and important countries of origin)


Terre des Homme
Rruga Donika Katrioti, Vila 9/1, PO BOX 7426 Tirana
Telephone: +355 4 225 16 79


The Danish government has not appointed a National Rapporteur.

However, the National Centre of Investigation (NCI) of the Danish National Police and the Danish Centre against Human Trafficking (CMM) monitor activities and the impact of anti-trafficking efforts in Denmark.


Governmental Organisations


Jorge Sanchis Bordetas 
Head of Cabinet
Secretary of State for Security
Josefa Valcárcel St 28, 5th floor
28071 Madrid
Telephone +34 91 537 27 89
Fax: +34 91 537 27 47


National Rapporteur

The Ministry of the Interior acts as an equivalent mechanism

Ministry of the Interior

Unit against Trafficking in Human Beings

Migration Policy Department

Tel. +48 22 601 45 52




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