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    Trafficking of men - a trend less considered: The case of Belarus and Ukraine

    IOM Migration Research Series 36, IOM, Geneva, 2008, 128 pages

    This study considers the specific experiences of trafficked males of Belarusian and Ukrainian nationality highlighting how trafficking takes place from these countries. Trafficking in males has been underconsidered despite the noteworthy number of men exposed to trafficking .Tailored services are required based on male victim’s pre-trafficking life (their personal, family and socioeconomic background), trafficking experience (from recruitment, through transportation and during exploitation) and post trafficking experience (including assistance and protection needs). The study draws on primary data collected about 685 trafficked males assisted by IOM and its partners, through IOM’s Counter-Trafficking Module Database (CTM) in Geneva as well as qualitative information from interviews with and case files of assisted men.

    The publication can be ordered via IOM Publications


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