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  • The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime

    Adopted by General Assembly resolution 55/25 of 15 November 2000

    The Convention is the main international instrument in the fight against transnational organized crime. It opened for signature by Member States in Palermo, Italy, on 12-15 December 2000 and entered into force on 29 September 2003. The Convention represents a major step in the fight against transnational organized crime, including human trafficking. It signifies the need to foster and improve the international cooperation in order to tackle these problems. States that ratify this Convention commit themselves to taking a number of measures against transnational organized crime. These include the creation of domestic criminal offences; the adoption of new comprehensive frameworks for extradition, mutual legal assistance and law enforcement cooperation; and the promotion of training and technical assistance for building or upgrading the necessary capacity of national authorities.