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  • Council Directive 2004/81

    Council Directive on the residence permit issued to third country-nationals who are victims of trafficking in human beings or who have been the subject of an action to facilitate illegal immigration, who cooperate with the competent authorities

    29/04/2004, 5 pages

    The Council Directive 2004/81 introduces a residence permit for victims who cooperate with the police, prosecution service and other competent authorities. This means that every victim of human trafficking, who is not an EU national and is staying illegally, should be offered a so-called reflection period during which the victim can make a decision on whether to cooperate with the authorities. During this period the victim is granted access to medical care and treatment. Victims who decide to cooperate with the competent authorities can obtain a residence permit for a certain length of time, which entitles them to receive at least the same treatment as during the reflection period, as well as access to labour market, vocational training and education according to national legislation.



    The corrigendum concerns the BG, CS, DE, ET, HU, LT, NL, PL, SK and SL versions of Directive 2004/81. It concerns specifically the art. 3(b) and (c) 

    Article 2


    For the purposes of this Directive:

    (b) «action to facilitate illegal immigration» covers cases such as those referred to in Articles 1 and 2 of Directive 2002/90/EC;

    (c) «trafficking in human beings» covers cases such as those referred to in Articles 1, 2 and 3 of Framework Decision 2002/629/JHA;

    The words 'such as' of the EN versions were not mirrored by other versions, which were less open and contained a more punctual reference to Dir 2002/90/EC and FD 2002/629/JHA. The Legal service of the Council has aligned all versions to the EN one.


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