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  • Siliadin v. France, Application no. 73316/01

    Country: France

    Court: European Court of Human Rights

    Sentenced date: 26/10/2005

    Purpose of exploitation: Forced labour or services

    In the case of Siliadin v. France, trafficking in human beings was considered by the European Court of Human Rights for the first time. The applicant, a female Togolese national who lived in Paris, had served as an unpaid servant for several years as minor and her passport was confiscated. Relying on Article 4 of the European Convention (Prohibition of slavery and forced labour), the applicant submitted that French criminal law did not afford her sufficient and effective protection against the "servitude", or at the very least against the "forced and compulsory" labour which in practice had made her a domestic slave. In t his case the Court considered that the applicant had, at the least, been subjected to forced labour and held in servitude within the meaning of Article 4 of the Convention. However, the Court held that it could not be considered that the applicant had been held in slavery in the traditional sense of that concept.