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  • Ol. Sk. prostitution exploitation case

    Country: Italy

    Court: Milan Court of Appeal, 1st Criminal Section

    Sentence date: of 22 September 2004

    Purpose of exploitation: Sexual exploitation

    With this ruling, the Milan Court of Appeal declared Ol. Sk. (Albanian national) guilty of the offence set out and punished under Article 600 of Italian Criminal Code (enslavement) and prostitution exploitation.

    The victim Na Me. was brought into slavery like condition. Ol. Sk. had specifically led the girl to leave her country of origin by means of the tricky prospect of finding a job abroad. On the contrary, he forced her to prostitution once illegally arrived in Italy by subjecting her to daily threats, violence and harassment. He also systematically checked every action of her and fully appropriated the proceeds of this business.

    The exploitation of prostitution offence was perpetrated with the help of Ha. Za. and Fe. De. (Albanian nationals), who recruited young non-EU women and forced them into prostitution on streets, while promoting their activities through arranging a control and security service on places of prostitution, as well as through taking advantage of said activities by fully appropriating the proceeds obtained therefrom.

    For these offences, Ol. Sk. was sentenced to 8 years and 6 months' imprisonment and a fine of 35,000 Euros. He was also declared everlastingly barred from holding public office and deprived of the exercise of his civil and political rights while serving the sentence.

    Ha. Za. and Fe. De. were solely convicted on the prostitution exploitation offence. The former was sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment and a fine of 2,500.00 Euros, as well as barred from holding public office for 5 years, whereas the latter was sentenced to 2 years and 2 months’ imprisonment and a fine.