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  • Tribunal Correctionnel de Nivelles - Begging conviction

    Country: Belgium

    Court: Criminal Court of Nivelles

    Sentence date: 25 January 2013

    Purpose of exploitation: Forced begging

    A Hungarian person residing in Slovakia had allegedly deceived some people in order to exploit them for begging. These people were highly impaired and in such a poor social or health condition that they had no alternative but tolerating this person’s mischief.

    First of all, the trafficker often pretended to be a relative of the above people for taking them away from the places they lived in. They were then forced to live together in the perpetrator’s flat (or even sleep four in a car) and beg within supermarket parking yards in Belgium. They were left there on wheelchairs with placards soliciting for money. This was subsequently extorted by the perpetrator, along with all social allowances the impaired people benefitted from in Slovakia.

    A 6-years detainment penalty and a 30,000 EUR fine have been inflicted on the trafficker.