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  • Children trafficked for exploitation in begging and in criminality

    Novotel Vilnius Centre

    The roundtable meeting, organised by, the Expert Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk, EGCC, will consist of three parts: One will be presentations from the four countries, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden regarding contentious issues when it comes to balancing the child’s right to protection and the investigations of the possible trafficking crime. The second part of the meeting consists of presentations from other experts on the topic. A third part will discuss how best to further the work and in what way the regional cooperation on children at risk may enhance the protection of children trafficked. A draft programme is attached to this invitation.


    At the meeting policy makers will be able to discuss with police, prosecution and childprotection specialists the most recent developments in this field and good practices will be explored in order for shared learning.


    Please register for the conference at your earliest convenience by sending an email to

    Please include in your registration any dietary requirementsyou may have.

    We need your registration at the very latest by the 14th of November.

    Additional information:

    The Head of Children’s Unit, Lars Lööf, tel: +46 8 440 19 24, mail: will answer any questions you may have regarding the meeting.