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  • Programme of Cooperation in the Black Sea Region in the Area of Migration between Countries of Origin, Transit and Destination

    Budget Line

    DCI – MIGR 2008/153-128 - Thematic Programme for Migration and Asylum

    Countries/Region - Georgia, Ukraine, Greece

    Main Implementing partner

    Peoples Harmonious, Development Society - NGOs (PHDS)


    1.500.000€ (1.200.000€ of EU contribution)


    March 2009 – March 2011


    Human Rights Defense Centre, Greece; LaStrada, Ukraine

    Objectives and results

    The project aimed at supporting the fight against trafficking in human beings focusing on policy dialogue and policy-making, capacity building of officials and identification, protection and rehabilitation of victims.

    The activities included exchange of experiences and information, support for the development of a referral mechanism among countries of origin, transit and destination and better policy formulation, legislative frameworks, mechanisms and decision-making on migration in Georgia, Greece and Ukraine.

    Capacity building of law enforcement officers in countries of the Black Sea region was carried out allowing for an increased number of investigations relating to trafficking cases, as well as an improvement of referral mechanisms, quality and access to social services for/by identified victims of trafficking. The project aimed to promote the involvement of governmental agencies in the process of rehabilitation of victims together with NGOs.

    Further information

    Tsovinar Nazarova, Chairperson, Peoples Harmonious Development Society Association (PHDS),Tbilisi, Georgia -


    Law enforcement