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  • New EU initiative to fight human trafficking at EU borders

    A new €1.5 million project that will boost the fight against organised crime and human trafficking in Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova and Turkey has been launched by the European Union.

    The project is one of the actions in the EU Strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings 2012-2016. It complements the work of the Commission also in relation to the collection of statistical data on trafficking in human beings, for which the Commission will publish a report spring 2013. It also links to the work on the Action Oriented Paper on strengthening the EU external dimension on action against trafficking in human beings.

    More in detail, this project aims to:

    • Improve systems of data collection, analysis and exchange at the national and transnational level to increase the knowledge on the scale and nature of trafficking in human beings;
    • Promote and assist in information sharing and regional coordination on trafficking in human beings;
    • Enhance national and transnational law enforcement cooperation and the capacity of prosecutors, consular and non-governmental organisations' staff to address the crime of trafficking in human beings more efficiently.
    • This first pilot phase, focusing on law enforcement, is financed by the European Union under its Instrument for Stability.

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    New EU initiative to fight organised crime and human trafficking at EU borders


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