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  • Action against trafficking minors


    JUST/ 2011-2012/DAP/AG/3280


    REACHING OUT, Romania


    328,299 €


    The action shall run for 24 months from 02 January 2013.


    Freedom House Romania, RO

    Stichting Fier Frisland, NL

    Nest International, DK

    Korps Landelijke politiedensten (National Crime Squad), NL

    General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (IGPR), RO

    Objectives and results

    Project Goal: Streamline and make more effective protocols and common procedures for identifying and dealing with minors who are victims of THB in the EU by creating a manual for the use of EU member states’ police officers and social workers. This manual will be based on an in-depth research conducted on pilot groups of police officers and social workers from Romania (as the main source country for illegal minor sex workers in the EU) and police officers from Denmark and the Netherlands (two of the most relevant destination countries for minor sex workers). This in-depth research will be backed up by larger-scale research activities.

    Project objectives. Specifically, the project aims to:    

    1. Carry out pilot training activities in the field of dealing with minors who are victims of international human trafficking with a focus on implementing EU norms and directives in the field, in particular the Commission’s 2011/36/EU directive on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and protecting its victims.
    2. Carry out a thorough research on the real life needs of EU police officers in the field of dealing with minors who are victims THB, including:
      1. in-depth research through specialized sociological techniques (in-depth interviews in a focus-group format for small pilot groups)
      2. global research on larger target groups through questionnaires
      3. analysis of official documents and statistics provided by the police forces of the three target countries
      4. follow-up analysis of the effectiveness of training activities and their relevance to day-to-day policework
    3. Develop a protocols and common procedures manual for the use of EU police officers on the basis of information gathered through research activities, including feedback gathered while implementing the training activities.
    4. Promote and disseminate this manual among several EU and EEA states which are known to be destination countries for Romanian minors who are victims of international human trafficking.

    Publications and other resources

    • an online platform for the project + " Find a Partner" section where interested authorities and NGOs in the EU and EEA will be able to post their future initiatives in this field and look for potential partners.
    • Common procedures manual as a resource for the use of police officers and social workers across the EU




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