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  • A Comparative Analysis of Community Focused Initiatives Aimed at Supporting Women, Children and Young People Who Have Been the Focus of Violence, Exploitation or Trafficking in three regions of the United Kingdom, Germany and Romania




    Newman University College, UK


    €284.000 (€235.000 of EU support)


    From October 2009 to February 2011


    Germany, Romania and UK

    Objectives and results

    The project's objective was to examine whether lessons can be learned from existing models of good practice and if these can be generalised to provide overarching principles for the development of more effective policy and practice.

    A specific output from the project were case study materials that can be disseminated for inter-professional and inter-agency training purposes. It is intended that research outputs will be used to assist in developing the direction of future work.

    At the heart of the project was the intention to support Daphne III’s aims to promote the ‘positive treatment’, ‘well-being’, equality and ‘self-fulfilment’ of those who are the victims of violence, exploitation and trafficking.

    Publications and other resources

    • A comparative study of community focused initiatives aimed at supporting women, children and young people who have been the victims of violence, exploitation or trafficking in 3 regions of the UK, Germany and Romania
    • Learning resources for services providers and researchers

    Further information

    Ms Heard Mandy – coordinator -