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  • Assessment of the human rights impact of anti trafficking laws and measures




    Aim for human rights, NL


    238.000 of EU support


    Ongoing from 2009

    Objectives and results

    Several EU policy documents (e.g. the 2004 Report of the Expert Groups on Trafficking in Human Beings, the 2005 Communication of the Commission and the 2005 EU Action Plan on Trafficking) call for the integration of a human rights perspective into its policies on trafficking in human beings. However, instruments to assess the intended and unintended human rights effects of anti-trafficking laws and measures are lacking.

    This project intended to address this gap. It provided an instrument for NGOs to assess the human rights impact of anti trafficking laws and measures to be used for evidence based lobbying of their governments.

    Dissemination of the tool is intended to take place through the organisations involved in the project and their members, as well as via the online Human Rights Impact Resource Centre of Aim for human rights.

    The project also enhanced cooperation between groups that traditionally have not been working together, in particular anti-trafficking NGOs, human rights organisations, labour organisations, migrants’ rights organisations and sex workers organisations.

    The two year project consists of the following steps:

    • Inventory and analysis of existing experiences and knowledge on the relation between anti-trafficking measures and human rights
    • Development of the conceptual framework & draft version of the instrument
    • Try out of the instrument by NGOs in two EU countries
    • Review and adaptation of the instrument
    • Publication and distribution of the instrument, including an implementation plan.

    Publications and resources

    Website: Human Rights Impact resource centre

    Further information

    Ms Saskia Bakker, coordinator -