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  • No human for sale – international co-operation in a field of combating trafficking in humans




    Warsaw Metropolitan Police, Poland


    € 68 000 (€ 32 000 of EU support)


    January 2008 — September 2009

    Final conference on 17-19 March 2009


    Hamburg Police; Region of West Mercia; Specialised police services from Paris, Madrid and Kiev; Centre for Missing Persons in Itaka, Italy; Foundation La Strada, Italy; Higher Police School, Poland; Caritas; Nobody's Children Foundation

    Objectives and results

    The main aim of the project was to raise awareness and develop knowledge of trafficking in women and children in Europe. It focused on topics such as groups at risk, origin and destination countries, the identification of organised trafficking groups, the role of the internet and e-communication in deciding the destination of victims, police operational methods and new types of trafficking such as slave labour in agriculture and the building industry.

    The project consisted mainly of preparing and organising the conference on 17-19 March 2009. It provided an opportunity to exchange information and best practice especially on the best methods used by police services to protect and support victims and risks groups.

    Publications and other resources

    • Booklet ‘No human for sale — international cooperation in the field of combating trafficking in humans’
    • Presentations of the conference
    • Articles on the Polish legislation on trafficking, the specificities of child trafficking and the role of the Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection in providing assistance to victims THB

    Further information

    Ms Dolega, Police Headquarters in Warsaw,