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  • FLEX - Trafficking for Forced Labour and Labour Exploitation

    Trafficking for Forced Labour and Labour Exploitation (FLEX) - towards Increased Knowledge, Cooperation and Exchange of Information in Estonia, Finland and Poland


    European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI)

    117 000€ (82 000€ of EU support)

    From October 2009 to February 2011

    University of Tartu, Estonia; Human Trafficking Studies Center, Poland

    Objectives and results
    The general objective was to increase knowledge on trafficking for forced labour in Estonia, Finland and Poland, and to strengthen cooperation and exchange of information between stakeholders in these countries. The project also intended to explore the nature of trafficking for forced labour through developing and testing a joint methodology for collecting qualitative and quantitative data.

    This project aimed at studying forced labour situations and whether these situations include elements of trafficking. The research looked at whether relevant actors and authorities recognise victims of trafficking for forced labour and whether there are sufficient mechanisms to assist the victims.

    The project contributed to raising awareness on trafficking for forced labour at the local level which may ultimately lead to better identification of victims of forced labour and demystification of the phenomenon of trafficking. In addition, the project provides concrete tools (e.g. methodology) for national actors, such as the National Rapporteur or its equivalent, to enhance their efforts relating to the collection of information on trafficking for forced labour.

    Publications and other resources
    Three national reports published in local language and in English, including an analysis of collected data, media reporting and the legislative analysis available at

    Further information
    Natalia Ollus -


    2009, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Data collection, Labour exploitation, Victims, ISEC