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    European NGOs Platform Against Trafficking Exploitation and Slaveries


    Association On the Road onlus, Italy

    406 000€ (284 000€ of EU support)

    Ongoing as of July 2010 (24 months)

    La Strada International, the Netherlands; Antislavery International (UK); Lefoe IBF (Austria); ADPARE (Romania); ACCEM (Spain); KOK (Germany); PAG-ASA (Belgium); Association ALC (France)

    Objectives and results
    ENPATES – European NGOs Platform against Trafficking, Exploitation and Slavery aims at developing an effective and stable strategy and coordination system among relevant NGOs in Europe in order to contribute to the promotion and protection of the human rights of trafficked persons, to the fight against trafficking in all its forms and aims at understanding and tackling its root causes.

    The specific objectives of the ENPATES Platform are:

    • To connect and disseminate analysis, knowledge and information about trafficking in human beings, exploitation and slavery in Europe (phenomenon, policies, practices);
    • To set up a system for the functional exchange of good practices and for the operational co-operation among NGOs and between NGOs and other relevant anti-trafficking agencies in the field of prevention, assistance to the victims and referral;
    • To contribute to the promotion of consistent and effective national and European anti-trafficking legislation, policies and interventions based on a human rights, gender, age, and cultural sensitive approach and with a multi-agency, holistic, and integrated perspective.

    Expected publications and other resources

    • Recommendations on anti-trafficking policies and their implementation
    • Handbook on best practices and available instruments on the protection of rights of trafficked persons
    • Development of a Website and online database

    Further information
    Ms Oriana de Caro, Onlus -