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  • Improvement of the international cooperation in the field of trafficking in human beings




    National Police, Hungary


    € 642 000 (€ 450 000 of EU support)


    Ongoing from 2010


    General Directorate of Police and Civil Guard, Spain; Dutch National Police Agency; Greater Manchester Police, UK

    Objectives and results

    One objective is to collect and share EU experiences of combating trafficking in human beings, paying particular attention to the efficiency of procedures, the dissemination of methods and investigation techniques. Another objective is to support joint investigations and operational activities between Member States’ law enforcement services.

    Training should also be provided for 200 Hungarian police officers dealing with trafficking in human beings (THB), to help them learn effective tactics and identify victims.

    The project should also help develop knowledge about THB in partner countries. Around 20 transborder operational meetings are to be held, some of them with neighbouring countries. Special attention will be paid to cooperation with Russia.

    Hungary is considered to be a country of origin and destination of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. In 2008, trafficking in Hungary increased by 20 %. The Member States taking part in the project are countries of origin, transit and destination for human trafficking. What makes this project innovative is the way it combines exchange of best practice with joint operational activities.

    Further information  

    Mr H. Imre, Hungarian Police,


    United Kingdom, Hungary, Spain, Netherlands, Sexual exploitation, ISEC, Training