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  • E-NOTES European NGOs Observatory on Trafficking, Exploitation and Slavery




    Associazione On the Road, Italy


    € 192 000 (€ 115 000 of EU support)


    Ongoing, started in 2008


    La Strada International (Netherlands); ACCEM, Spain; ALC/SPRS, France

    Objectives and results

    The project aims to develop a transnational network of NGOs with a view to setting up an Observatory on Trafficking, Exploitation and Slavery in Europe. The objective is to give NGOs a greater role in fighting human trafficking, helping victims and supporting policy and strategy developments at institutional level.

    The project consists of three interdependent sets of activities:

    1) identifying a shared and comparable set of indicators on counter-trafficking measures;

    2) implementing the national and transnational reporting mechanism;

    3) disseminating the methodology applied in the reporting process.

    The following outcomes are expected:

    • methodological protocol for reporting on anti-trafficking measures, endorsed by the NGO network in 27 countries;
    • initial report on policies and interventions in response to trafficking at national and transnational levels;
    • a dedicated website for the wide dissemination of reporting criteria and a comparative analysis of responses to trafficking in the EU.

    Further information

    Mr Marco Bufo, On the Road -


    Prevention, ISEC, Italy, Spain, France, NGO