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  • Development of transnational mechanisms to fight against human trafficking in Romania and in Bulgaria




    Secours Catholique — Caritas, France


    € 150 000 (€ 90 000 of EU support)


    Ongoing, started in December 2007


    Asociatia Caritas Bucharest, Romania; Ruse Catholic Organisation Caritas, Bulgaria

    Objectives and results

    The project consisted of a series of coordination meetings and training activities to explore how Bulgarian and Romanian accession to the EU has affected human trafficking. The new trends and scale of criminal activities were analysed and the most successful experiences shared.

    Moreover, based on French examples, the project looked at human trafficking from the perspective of human and children’s rights, with an emphasis on (customer) education. For this purpose, an interactive workshop on ‘peer to peer’ evaluation was planned, involving youth volunteers.

    Awareness-raising campaigns implemented in the Giurgiu and Ruse regions, identified as high risk areas for trafficking. Closer links wiere developed with school directors to ensure that school curricula include relevant and realistic teaching modules on human rights with a specific focus on human trafficking. A survey was carried out among 50 schools in Romania and Bulgaria.

    Other activities included visits to institutions, ministries and shelters for victim assistance, involving specialists in all aspects of human trafficking, i.e. prevention, combating and assistance in order to develop and strengthen multidisciplinary approach through efficient transnational cooperation, networks and partnerships.

    Publications and other resources

    • Conclusions and other educational tools and project information are available at
    • A booklet "How to identify victims of trafficking in human beings and the final conference's report

    Further information

    Ms Geneviève COLAS, Secours Catholique -


    Children, France, Romania, Bulgaria, ISEC, Training, Human rights, Partnerships