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  • ISEC 2011 General Call

    The European Commission has launched the 2011 General Call for proposals within the frame of the ISEC Programme.
    Among priorities of the General Call 2011 two are specifically related with the fight against trafficking in persons and offences against children:

    • Projects on trafficking in human beings: Prevention, protection of victims, prosecution and investigation of offenders, coordination and cooperation mechanisms, partnerships, awareness raising, training of officials likely to come into contact with victims and the collection of reliable data;
    • Projects on sexual exploitation of children and illegal use of Internet: Supporting prevention and fight sexual exploitation and abuse of children, in particular but not exclusively in the on-line environment, and promoting cooperation between law enforcement, private sector and civil society for that purpose. Projects establishing real-time central pool of shared resources and best practices among Member States and the industry in combating cybercrime.

    Applications must be submitted by 24.02.2012.

    For more detailed information please visit DG HOME website