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  • European Initiative to Improve Response against Trafficking for Forced Criminal Exploitation: RACE in Europe (Response against Criminal Exploitation)




    Anti-Slavery International, United Kingdom

    Approximate Budget

    352.000 €


    2012 – 2014 (24 months)


    Partners and Co-beneficiaries

    ECPAT UK; Migrant Rights Centre, Ireland; Specialist Policing Consultancy Ltd, UK; La Strada International, Czech Republic;  Multicultural Centre Prague, Czech Republic;  Police Academy, Netherlands; Vietnamese Mental Health Services, UK

    Objectives and results

    The objective is to improve knowledge and cooperation about trafficking for begging purposes and to develop an appropriate support for victims.

    In this context, there are three specific objectives:

    1. To enhance knowledge and awareness amongst law enforcement, policy-makers, service providers, legislators, the media and civil society of the importance of trans-national trafficking for forced criminal activities and begging in Europe;
    2. To ensure that service providers, law enforcement agencies and other relevant statutory institutions possess expertise to effectively and rightly address trafficking
    3. To foster transnational operational cooperation by strengthening partnerships to transfer innovative approaches of intervention especially on joint investigations, referral of cases and strategies for victims’ assistance.

    Training sessions should be organised for practitioners in three European sub-regions.

    Further information

    Mr Leith Rod, Statutory Funding Officer,