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  • Tackling demand for sexual services of trafficked women and girls




    Immigrant Council of Ireland

    Approximate Budget

    354.000 €


    2012 – 2014 (24 months)



    Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS),Cyprus; Gender Research Foundation, Bulgaria; Klaipeda social and psychological services centre, Latvia; MONIKA- Multicultural Women's Association, Finland

    Objectives and results

    The aim is to develop a toolkit to raise awareness among potential customers of services provided by victims of human trafficking in the sex industry in order to reduce the demand for sexual services.

    In this respect, research on the attitudes in the field should be undertaken.

    The project should contribute to the achievement of the following priorities:

    • Demand and supply reduction for products and services provided by victims of trafficking, including measures aimed at implementing Corporate Social Responsibility through awareness raising campaigns among employers and civil society

    • Protection and support to victims of trafficking, including specific vulnerable groups

    • Innovative activities linked with Anti-Trafficking Day.

    Further information

    Ms Nolan Ann, Project Assistant,


    Finland, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Toolkit, Victims, Sexual exploitation