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  • A Safety Compass - signposting ways to escape trafficking




    Marta Centre, Latvia

     Approximate Budget

     412.000 €


    2012 – 2014 (36 months)


    Ministry of Interior, Latvia; State Inspectorate for the Protection Of Children's Rights, Latvia; Jaunatne ar Misiju,Latvia; Eluliin,Estonia; women@thewell, Greece; National Alliance of Women Organizations, Greece

    Objectives and results

    The main objectives of the projects are:

    1. To raise awareness of risks, trends of recruitment and new forms of trafficking in the internet environment and social media. For these purposes research and awareness raising campaigns should be undertaken.
    2. To reduce demand for services and products provided by victims of trafficking and to facilitate fair trade
    3. To reduce supply for the purposes of trafficking through more intense cross institutional cooperation among public, private and non-profit sector and by developing support programmes for victims
    4. To develop and implement an international referral mechanism in the UK, Latvia and Estonia. An emergency help line system and a network involving relevantt stakeholders to be established in the partner countries.

    Further information

    Mr Dilba Juris, project manager -


    2011, United Kingdom, Latvia, Children, Estonia, Greece, Gender, Victims, NGO, Referral mechanism