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    Cooperation in fighting against human trafficking by exchanging best practices on the investigation/enforcement in the prostitution branch 




    Amsterdam-Amstelland Police, the Netherlands


    253.000€ (200.000€ of EU requested support)


    2012 - 2014


    County Administrative Board of Stockholm (National Task Force Against Prostitution/Trafficking), Sweden; Stockholm County Police, Sweden; Stichting HVO-Querido, the Netherlands

    Objectives and results

    FRONTLINE project is a partnership between police and social welfare organisations in Sweden and The Netherlands. Other actors such as municipalities, health care, prosecution, lawyers etc. will be involved as well.

    Inspections and supervision in the prostitution sector are important tools for the police in the fight against trafficking. Shelter and support for victims can be of great value to the police since victims who feel safe can provide useful information to the investigation.

    Even if Sweden and the Netherlands have different legislations regarding prostitution, they consider the detection of hidden prostitution as a priority. Exchange of best practices should contribute to the improvement of the detection and investigations and search for efficient and innovative solutions. Best practices can among others relate to investigation and prosecution of punishable customers and investigations on the use of the Internet. 

    The project includes training sessions involving a wide range of experts.

    The results will be made available for all THB professionals in Europe through a toolkit and a film presenting best practices.

    Further information

    Ms Corine Horstra -


    ISEC, Training, Netherlands, Sweden, Health, Victims, Internet, Sexual exploitation