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  • European Judicial Training on Human Trafficking


    Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary, Netherlands

    448.000€ (EU grant – 358.000€)

    Ongoing 2011-2013 (24 months)

    National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution, Poland; High Council of Judiciary (Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura), Italy

    Objectives and results
    The aim is to exchange knowledge on the prosecution of cases related to trafficking in human beings and conviction of offenders. Three interactive training seminars, following e-learning modalities, are planned for around 60 judges and prosecutors.

    The position of victims before, during and after the criminal proceedings should be discussed as well.

    In addition to representatives from the judiciary, the project should involve police services, lawyers, victims support groups and experts from source countries. A network of contact points should be established to exchange best practices on a regular basis.

    It is intended that the outcomes of the training  inspire national judicial training institutes to develop European-oriented courses on the fight against trafficking.

    Expected publications and other resources

    • Guidelines on the treatment of victims 
    • Training materials

    Further information
    Ms Anne Tahapary, Senior course manager –