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  • SANYUKT - Regional Project on Case Management and Fight against Trafficking within and from South Asia

    SANYUKT - Regional Project on Case Management and Fight against Trafficking within and from South Asia

    DCI-MIGR 2009/153-330 - Thematic Program for Migration and Asylum

    Countries/Region - India, Bangladesh, Nepal

    Groupe Développement Association

    2.200.000€ (EU Contribution - 1.760.000€)


    From 01/07/2009 to30/06/2012

    Bangladesh: Rights Jessore and Bangladesh National Women Lawyer’s Association (BNWLA); West Bengal: Jabala, Praajak, Society For Participatory Action & Reflection (SPAR), St. John’s Ambulance Association (SJAA), Suprava Panchasila Mohila Udyog Samity (SPMUS), Chapra,  Social and Economic Welfare Association (SEWA), Sundarban Rural Development and Training Centre (SRDTC), Vivekananda Loksiksha Niketan (VLN) and Barasat Unnayan Prostituti (BUP); Andhra Pradesh: Help Entire Lower and Rural People (HELP); Goa: ARZ.

    Objectives and results
    The project focuses on the prevention of unsafe migration and trafficking in children and adolescents and the rehabilitation of victims trafficked from India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

    The project aims at establishing an efficient coordination system between NGOs in source and destination countries focusing on rescue and victim rehabilitation, promote the prevention and the prosecution of traffickers and pursue the socio-economic rehabilitation and trauma management of victims of trafficking.

    The expected results of the action include rescuing and rehabilitating 300 trafficked children and young people and impact around 20,000 children in a 5 year period.

    On the prosecution front, the project expects to train 200 case management professionals including counsellors, para-counsellors and social workers and to mobilise and empower 150 stakeholders amongst the State agencies.

    Public and targeted awareness raising will be improved on the basis of orientation and awareness raising activities for 100 media professionals.

    Further information
    Frederic BOISSET, Director, Child Protection Desk, France -


    Migration and Asylum