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  • Enhancing the capacity to address trafficking in especially children from a human rights perspective in Southeast Asia, Southeast Europe and Latin America




    Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam); Southeast Europe (Albania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo); Latin America (Peru, Bolivia, Colombia)


    Stichting Terre des Hommes (TDH) Netherlands

    Budget/EU contribution

    1.240.000 (998.500 € of EU contribution)




    Infante (Bolivia), Renacer (Colombia), Corporacion Sinapsis (Colombia), IDEIF (Peru), Asia ACTs (Philippines), Centre of Integrated Legal Services and Practices (Albania), PVPT (Kosovo), Open Gate (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), TDH Germany, TDH Italy, TDH Foundation in Lausanne.

    Objectives and results

    The project aimed at developing effective policies and practices against trafficking in human beings, especially children, thus safeguarding and promoting the rights of boys and girls in Southeast Asia, Southeastern Europe and Latin America. This was pursued by enhancing the capacities of local and national governmental decision makers and service providers, local communities including children, civil society representatives and the media in the area of prevention and protection of trafficked children.

    Activities included the sensitization and training of journalists, notably by promoting regional networking among specialised journalists; training of NGOs in advocating for the rights of children; regional and inter-regional networking, experience sharing and a study on good practices; sensitization and training of local government stakeholders, civil society and community members on child trafficking and protection needs and mechanisms at community level and the promotion and streamlining of regional guidelines and human rights standards for the treatment of victims through training and awareness raising activities.

    Publications and other resources

    Website: Terre des Hommes

    Further information

    Ms. Claire Rouffineau, EU project manager- Stichting Terre des Hommes Netherlands, phone +31703105020, Fax +31703105001