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  • Strengthening of Local Capacities for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Child in Benin (PROCHILD)


    DDH/2001/ 050-527

    Countries/Region - Benin


    CARE France (NGO)


    920.000€ (730.000€ of EU support)


    2002 – 2005

    Objectives and results

    The project aimed at reinforcing local capacities for the promotion and protection of children's rights in Benin.

    To this end the professional capacities of local actors such as NGOs and local authorities were reinforced through institutional, technical and financial support. Stronger networking and coordination at local level within the CLOSE network, composed of ca 20 NGOs active in promoting and protecting the rights of the child, was promoted by putting in place coordination mechanism and by offering training on networking and community development.

    Awareness on child trafficking among the general population was promoted by undertaking national public awareness raising campaigns and information sessions for local communities on the rights of the child and child trafficking.

    Moreover, the objective was to promote a socio-political environment favourable to improving the conditions of domestic child labour.

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