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  • Study to Establish the Scale and Nature of Child Trafficking in Zambia

    Budget Line

    European Development Fund (EDF) 2008/212346

    Country/Region –



    1.600.000 €


    From 09/09/2009 to 09/09/2012

    Other Partners

    Objectives and results

    The programme had two purposes: first, to support the programmes of the Government of the Republic of Zambia relating to reducing the incidence of human trafficking and second, to build capacity amongst public officials, service providers and non-state actors to detect and respond to cases of trafficking.

    These purposes were achieved by:

    • Building resilience amongst people at risk of being trafficked;
    • Building a protective environment at local level and developing broad-based vigilance involving diverse communities, local actors, households and employers and
    • Enhancing the response to trafficking through detection, response and improved services to victims.

    The programme included activities at national level, such as awareness-raising and capacity building, as well as targeted actions in sending communities and in receiving communities within the country. These communities are located in various parts of the country including urban and peri-urban areas along major transport routes, border areas and very poor rural areas with limited economic opportunities.

    Information from the 2007 Commission-funded study on child trafficking and the 2008 study on trafficking and forced labour (both ILO) were combined with information from on-going support to victims of trafficking by the International Organisation for Migration and national partners in order to map out vulnerable communities to be targeted. In-depth research on trafficking for domestic labour  contributed to further defining geographical target areas, particularly those poor rural areas that serve as sending communities.

    Publications and other resources

    Webpage of the project: Support to the Government of Zambia for the Implementation of Policy and the National Plan of Action against Human Trafficking

    Further information

    Caroline O'Reilly, International Labour Organisation (ILO) -


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