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  • Capacity Building for Migration Management in China: Phase 2


    DCI-MIGR 2010/229-653 - Thematic Programme for Migration and Asylum


    The People’s Republic of China, and Macau SAR


    International Organisation for Migration (IOM)


    2.000.000€ (1.600.000€ of EU support)


    From 19/11/2010 to 19/11/2013

    Objectives and results

    The overall aim of the project is to contribute to the reduction of irregular migration from and through the People's Republic of China to the European Union. The project should support the enhancement of the national migration management capacities and develop a sustainable and viable network of partnerships.

    The specific objectives are:

    • Improving the technical, administrative and legislative capacities of officials dealing with migration at national and provincial levels.
    • Promoting mechanisms for co-operation and the exchange of expertise between migration management personnel in the European Union Member States and Chinese administrations.
    • Strengthening the monitoring capacity of the Chinese administration with regard to recruitment agencies in China
    • Addressing the demand side of irregular labour migration through information exchange between European and Chinese business operators in the European Union.
    • Informing potential migrants about the realities of illegal migration

    Publications and other resources

    Webpage of the project

    Further information

    Bernd Hemingway, Regional Representative, International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Brussels -


    Data collection