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  • Call for framework partners

    The Commission has adopted the Programme: "Prevention of and Fight against Crime (ISEC)" within the general Programme: "Security and Safeguarding Liberties" for the period 2007-2013.

    The aim is to stimulate, promote and support measures aimed at preventing, detecting, investigating and prosecuting all forms of crime efficiently and effectively, most particularly in cases with a transborder element.

    To achieve this objective, the Commission intends to conclude framework partnerships with key actors in the area of prevention and fight against crime.

    Framework partnerships can be crucial in particular for those actions for which there is a need for flexibility and/or rapid action in urgent or crisis situations.

    Framework partnerships are also needed to work alongside the Commission on a regular and stable basis in order to implement some of its policies effectively.

    Awarding grants are foreseen for a limited group of beneficiaries. Streamlining the administrative procedures for awarding grants is an ongoing effort.

    Deadline: 1 December 2011


    Partnerships, Commission, ISEC, Prevention, Organised Crime