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  • Mapping Organised Crime – A Market Perspective on Trafficking in Persons for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation


    National Council for Crime Prevention, Sweden

    282 000€ (171 000€ of EU support)

    December 2006 – October 2008

    European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control (HEUNI), Finland; Institute of Law, Tartu University, Estonia

    Objectives and results
    The main aim of the project was to explore the organisational and functional aspects of trafficking with a focus on the following three questions:

    1. How can the organisational structure in trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation be described, and what factors explain this structure?
    2. How do different market circumstances affect the organisational structure of trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation?
    3. What legal channels are being used to maintain and simplify the trade?

    Research activities were limited to partner countries and were conducted on the basis of police reports and interviews with selected actors. Public services and non-governmental organisations contributed to the research.

    Publications and Other Resources
    Final report

    Further Information
    Lars Korsell, National Institute for Crime Prevention in Sweden -