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  • Cooperation in the prevention and victim assistance of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation




    Criminology centre, University Castilla-La Mancha, Spain


    € 62 000 (€ 44 000 of EU support)


    December 2005 — March 2008


    NGO Proyecto Esperanza; Spanish National Police; Guardia Civil, Spain; National Institute of criminology, Portugal; la Strada, NGO Warsaw; On the road NGO, Italy; Warsaw University.

    Objectives and results

    The aim of the project was to analyse the prevention of trafficking in human beings (THB), to assist victims and to improve their social integration. Representatives of public authorities (law enforcement units and judiciary) and private experts from NGOs took part in two focus groups focused on each issue. The objective was to discuss better measures, strategies and mechanisms for coordination between judicial institutions, law enforcement units and NGOs.

    The research undertaken during the project examined the national legal frameworks regarding victims, and the databases and resources available to assist them. Especial attention was paid to mechanisms for sharing information between public and private actors.

    Publications and other resources

    • Reports on THB prevention and victim assistance in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Poland, including descriptions of operational instruments and best practices. (a)

    Further information

    Mr A. Gimenez-Salinas, University Castilla La Mancha –