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  • Improving Criminal Investigation, Collaboration and Network-building against Trafficking in Human Beings in South-eastern Europe


    German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ Foundation)

    € 170 000 (€ 72 000 of EU support)

    November 2003 — October 2005

    Centre for Legal Resources — Romania; Budapest Forum, Hungary; General Prosecutors from Serbia and Germany; Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights, Austria; Centre for Legal Cooperation (CILC), Netherlands.

    Objectives and results
    The project aimed to tackle one of the fastest-growing crimes in the Balkan region. Considerable attention was paid to Romania as it is considered to be a country of origin, of transit and also, to some extent, of destination for trafficked women and children. A large number of trafficked persons come from the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and other newly independent states to Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece or Hungary and from there to Italy, Spain and other EU countries.
    The individual goals were:

    • Improvement of cooperation among local specialised enforcement authorities in the border regions of Romania, Serbia, Romania and Hungary
    • Training of Romanian prosecutors to improve international collaboration and to raise the quality of investigation techniques
    • Strengthen cooperation on protection of victims between NGO´s and law enforcement services in Romania

    Two networks were developed. The first linked the law enforcement authorities and NGOs in three border regions around the cities of Oradea, Bistrita and Iasi. The second was a network of prosecutor’s offices in the border region between Romania, Serbia and Hungary.

    Publications and other resources
    Final report of activities

    Further information
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