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  • VictAs — Victim Assistance and Support




    Ministry of Interior, Niedersachsen, Germany


    € 43 000 (€ 30 000 of EU support)


    September 2003 — June 2004


    27 EU Member States; University of Brunswick; Ministry of Justice, Lower Saxony, Germany; Foundation for Victim Assistance, Lower Saxony, Germany; Devon and Cornwall Police, UK; Garda Human Rights Office, Ireland; Centre for Crime Prevention, Lithuania; Police Brabant Zuid-Oost, Netherland; Swedish National Police Board.

    Objectives and results

    As the situation of victims of crime has received increasing public attention over the last few years, the Council of the EU decided to draw up minimum standards that require a 'joined-up' approach.

    The project was set up to help implement the Framework Decision of March 15th 2001 regarding the legal position of victims during criminal proceedings. The objective was to develop, encourage and improve partnership activities between key stakeholders.

    The core of the project was an international conference attended by representatives from the police, criminal justice departments and other governmental and non-governmental organisations.

    Publications and other resources

    Recommendations for interdisciplinary strategies and activities included in the final report (a)

     Further information

    Birgit Thieme, Ministry of Interior Niedersachsen –