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  • Establishment of the Network and of a training for Operational Law Enforcement officers, NGO and international organisations to prevent and fight trafficking in human beings




    International Organization for Migration, Belgium


    € 343 000 (€ 187 000 of EU support)


    December 2003 — November 2004


    Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Moldavia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine

    Objectives and results

    The objective of the project was to encourage and strengthen multidisciplinary networking between national law enforcement and judicial authorities, international and national NGOs and international organisations active in the field of preventing trafficking in human beings and protecting victims in the partner countries.

    The project involved developing a training curriculum for police officers and law enforcement counter-trafficking investigators operating in the field, members of the judiciary and NGOs working with victims, assisted by relevant international organisations. Operational training models and practical codes of conduct were designed and tested during four training courses organised for multinational practitioners.

    The network helped the actors involved to improve their level of knowledge and mutual understanding, and provided better contacts and exchanges of best practices and information on trafficking trends between an enlarged EU and its neighbouring countries.

    Publications and other resources

    • Student and trainer manual

    Further information

    Bjorn Clarberg, International Organization for Migration –